Balloon Artist Recreates 19 Pokemons Out Of Balloons

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Sam Inëz Czymbor is a filmmaker professionally. But one of her big hobbies is being a balloon artist. She recently challenged herself to recreate all of the 151 pokemons with balloons. According to the challenge, she needs to make one pokemon a day and use under 10 balloons to create each one of them. We ... Read More »

7 Differences Between Living Alone At 18, 25 And 30 Years Old

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Living alone is not an easy feat! It especially isn’t easy when you are young, because you are normally not financially independent. Below, we look at different stages of living alone, beginning as a teen and finishing as a full-matured adult, take a look! At 18, the house is NEVER empty. At 25, you organize ... Read More »

10 Facts You Most Probably Did Not Know About The Simpsons


#1 The Simpsons characters are yellow because the creator wanted his TV show to get the attention of TV viewers when they were changing channels. #2 If Bart aged in the TV show, he would be 34. #3 Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Patty are the names of the creator’s parents, sisters and aunts. #4 ... Read More »

Disney Has Finally Created A Latina Princess

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Disney Has Finally Created A Latina Princess Above is Disney’s first Latina princess in person: Elena! She will eventually have her own show “Elena of Avalor” on Disney Junior. Viewers will first meet Elena for the first time in an episode of Sofia the First At first, people thought that Sofia herself was Hispanic. Disney ... Read More »

This Fan Film of Dragon Ball Was Two Year in The Making and Has Now Over 5 Million Views. The Special Effects Will Make You Feel Like You Are in The Dragon Ball World.

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The movie is called ‘Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope’ and is inspired by the movie ‘The History of Trunks’. This movie was created by team Robot Underdog and has taken the team two years to finally finish production. The movie is 13 minutes and the main characters are Trunks, Gohan, Android 17 and 18. Read More »

These Americans Tried To Pronounce Latino Names And Failed Miserably

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With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, people can’t be expected to know each language, but their should at least be able to pronounce foreign names with the right inflection, over time. The people in the video work in the United States and were asked to pronounce common Latino names. The results are horrifying! Read More »